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Two Detroit Cops Each Collected $100k-Plus Just In Overtime In 2018

237 Detroit police employees each collected $40,000 or more in 2018 overtime

The city of Detroit paid two police employees more than $100,000 in overtime each in 2018, which boosted the total annual pay collected by one of them to $202,163.

One police employee received $117,451 in overtime, increasing his gross pay to $202,163. The other employee collected $100,737 in overtime, which boosted his gross pay to $158,387.

There were 385 Detroit police employees who were paid $100,000 or more in 2018, much of it due to high levels of overtime pay. There were 237 police employees who made at least $40,000 in overtime. Some individuals were able to more than double their gross pay by accumulating mass amounts of overtime. The information comes from a Freedom of Information Act request response from the city of Detroit. The city redacted the names of all the police employees.

The FOIA response included salaries of 4,019 employees in the police department. The lowest paid employees made $22,000 and did not accrue any overtime. There were 2,469 uniformed officers in 2018, according to the city’s audited annual financial report.

The city of Detroit paid $38.3 million in overtime to police department employees in 2018, bringing their total payroll up to $182.8 million. This translates into the average Detroit police employee collecting gross pay totaling $45,483 in 2018. About one of every five dollars earned by Detroit police employees in 2018 was attributed to overtime.

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