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UK Variant In Just 0.02% Of Michigan’s COVID Cases; WaPo Blames It For Current Surge

An April 6 Washington Post story carried the headline, “Michigan is the new coronavirus hot spot. The U.K. variant is partly to blame.”

There have been a total of 1,817 cases of the U.K. variant in Michigan, according to state data. The total number of Michigan cases here ascribed to this and other COVID variants was 1,900 as of April 3. Michigan saw 6,149 individuals test positive for a coronavirus on April 6.

As of April 6, there have been grand total of 786,123 confirmed coronavirus cases in Michigan, including variants. Variants have accounted for just 0.02% of all COVID confirmed cases, or two-tenths of one percent.

The start of the third wave of increased COVID cases can be traced back to Feb. 23. From the 43 day period from Feb. 23 to April 6, Michigan reported 124,744 new confirmed COVID cases. The state has a total of 1,826 variants cases in Michigan, or 1.5% of the new confirmed cases attributed to the third wave. The first case of the U.K. variant in this state (called “B.1.1.7”) was reported on Jan.16, 2021.

These are the confirmed case numbers for COVID variants in Michigan as of April 3, according to the state data.

  • B.1.1.7 - 1,817 cases in Michigan
  • B.1.351 – 7 cases in Michigan
  • P.1 – 2 cases in Michigan

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