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Union Settles Suit, Will Stop Harassing Teacher For Dues She Doesn't Owe

The Michigan Education Association has agreed to stop trying to collect thousands of dollars from an Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher in a case that began with the union suing the teacher over union dues.

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation announced a settlement on July 17. The MEA had sued Deborah Wolter in January 2020 over its claim that she owed more than $3,000 in past dues, claiming she was required to keep paying dues even after resigning her membership in August 2014.

Wolter was represented pro bono by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. Its attorneys pointed out that under the Michigan right-to-work law enacted in 2012, Wolter was not required to pay dues after resigning from the union. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation stated that Wolter owed nothing because she had a letter in her records stating she resigned her membership in August of 2014.

According to the settlement, the MEA will no longer demand payment for past dues and would update its records to show she is no longer a member and note that it should stop contacting her.

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