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Michigan bill would force schools to administer medical pot

Public and private schools would be required to furnish two staffers to administer, observe, student medical marijuana use

If House Bill 5063 were enacted into law, Michigan schools would be required to help students use medical marijuana on campus and at school events. The bill applies to public and private schools alike.

“A public school or nonpublic school shall adopt a policy to implement this section,” the bill reads. “A public school or nonpublic school shall not adopt or enforce a policy contrary to this section.”

Rep. Dylan Wegela, D-Garden City, submitted House Bill 5063 on Sept. 28, and it was referred to the House Regulatory Reform Committee. Wegela does not sit on that committee.

Read it for yourself: House Bill 5063 of 2023

The seven-page bill would allow for “qualified” parents, school personnel and students to administer a “marijuana-infused product or CBD product” on school grounds or at school events elsewhere.

The idea is that students in need would be able to use medical marijuana as a “rescue medication taken to immediately relieve or prevent the onset of symptoms,” per the bill.

Michigan school boards would be required to enact guidelines about medical marijuana use. The only acceptable limits, the bill says, are those placed “so as to avoid disruption to the school’s educational environment.”

Schools would not be allowed to opt out, except in one case: after getting written notice that federal funding is at stake. If a school receives such a notice, it can revoke authorizations.

Wegela did not respond to a request for comment.

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