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Whitmer: Keep In Your Seats While In Bars

Walking around a restaurant or bar is a crime unless ordering or using the restroom

When reopening and closing bars and nightclubs in Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been very specific about what is considered a crime under her executive orders.

While bars have to close their indoor seating as of July 1, restaurants that serve alcohol are allowed to offer dine-in service with restrictions.

Violating one of Whitmer's executive order is a misdemeanor. But she has ordered that the acts of going to the bathroom or removing a face mask while eating or drinking in a bar or a restaurant that serves alcohol are not crimes, as spelled out in her executive orders.

June 1 Executive Order 110: “An individual may also remove a face covering to eat or drink when seated at a restaurant or bar.”

July 1 Executive Order 143: “Require patrons to remain seated at their tables or bar tops, except to enter or exit the premises, to order food, or to use the restroom."