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Whitmer Suggests ‘Effective’ Reopening of Schools Depends On Tripling Virus Testing

‘Three to four million binax antigen tests every single month’

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer implied at a recent press conference that there’s not nearly enough COVID-19 testing being done to “effectively” open Michigan schools.

The governor said that to keep students and staff safe at school, she wants to see three to four million antigen tests each month.

“We need three to four million binax antigen tests every single month to effectively open schools, to track the variants and to protect students, staff and teachers. These tests have been an essential tool in reengaging our economy and getting us back to normal sooner,” Whitmer said at her press conference.

To reach that goal, the state would have to nearly triple its testing regime. According to data provided by the state, the most number of tests the state has conducted in a single month was 1.7 million in November. Testing levels have fallen since, with 1.4 million administered in December and 1.1 million in January.

By comparison, Ohio’s biggest month for testing was November, when it administered 1.7 million tests. Ohio has a population of 11.7 million people compared to Michigan’s 10 million residents.

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