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Whitmer Tells Scary COVID Story Thursday; State Warns Against Panic Friday

Governor, after 11 family members and friends all caught virus at card game: ‘Their story is not unique’

In a Nov. 19 press conference on the latest state COVID-19 orders, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said, “We are in the worst weeks of our experience with COVID over the last nine months. We are in it right now.”

Whitmer also cited a recent MLive story describing 11 family members and friends who gathered to play cards, all of whom contracted COVID-19.

“Their story is not unique,” the governor said.

A day later, the state of Michigan issued a press release urging residents not to panic, following reports of people hoarding toilet paper and paper towels.

“Michigan has an ample supply of food products and other items. But, when shoppers panic buy products like toilet paper, paper towel and other items, it creates a ripple effect within the supply chain,” said Gary McDowell, director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in a press release. “Buying what your household will use for the week keeps the supply chain moving, ensures everyone has access to what they need and allows the stores to replenish shelves for your next shopping trip.”

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