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Whitmer’s Executive Orders Lead to Many Questions

Over 875 items on FAQ page

There are over 875 entries for “Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions” that appear on a web page dedicated to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders related to the pandemic. The questions are divided into 13 categories, but there is no index. Most appear to be undated.

As of 3:19 pm on May 11, the Michigan governor had issued 75 executive orders responding to the pandemic. Of these, 32 have been rescinded, which in most cases means their provisions were revised and added to a subsequent order.

Here are some of their titles, taken at random:

A customer's next payment is due, but the customer is unable to make the payment and is filing for unemployment. Do we still have to deposit the customer's check due to the customer's failure to make the next payment?

Are you making exceptions in cases where the COVID-19 crisis makes it dangerous for workers at regulated companies to adhere to their regulatory obligations?

What if I need to temporarily lay off employees due to a slowdown of business which is not directly linked to COVID-19?

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