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Analysis: Slaves to Green Ideology

Growing up in America during the Cold War, most of us thought the biggest threat to our freedom was from communist Russia seeking to forcibly impose their totalitarian way of life on us. Turns out we were mistaken: The biggest threat to freedom in America is from within - the modern day green movement. The ruling class has decided that Americans left to their own devices will not do the right things to save the planet and therefore the force of government must be used to control almost all aspects of American life.

The federal government has mandated through new CAFE standards what kind of vehicles we are to drive regardless of motorists' preferences of safety, convenience or personal choice. Many states including Michigan now regulate the dishwasher soap we can use even if does a poor job of cleaning. The feds have banned the future use of light bulbs other than the ones that look like curly fries (even though they pose disposal challenges and have a considerable lag time before they provide light). Some municipalities, such as Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, are leading the way in either banning or putting taxes on plastic shopping bags. The list of green mandates seems to grow by the day.

Many companies are eager to jump on the "green" bandwagon hoping to be able to charge more for environmentally friendly products or gain a marketing advantage. There is certainly nothing wrong with private companies providing environmentally friendly products to consumers. It is another matter when the government dictates their use through law, regulations, taxes and subsidies.

Liberty is seldom lost in one fell swoop. In America, freedom is dying a death by a thousand green cuts.


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