State Film Incentives are the Real 'President Business' Villain

In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Doug Haugh, president of an Atlanta energy company, points out a not-so-subtle anti-business message of a recent blockbuster film titled “The Lego Movie.

The movie’s villain, voiced by Will Ferrell, is called “Lord Business” and “President Business.” He is described as the cruel antagonist who works in a skyscraper and wants to destroy Lego world.

Haugh wrote: “Hollywood’s message demonizing business is nothing new, but its delivery of this message to children through animated movies — which are easier and more profitable to produce than ever — is especially strong these days.”

ForTheRecord says: The movie has grossed nearly half a billion dollars ($468,760,692) for Warner Bros., according to Box Office Mojo.

Warner Bros. is a subsidiary of Time Warner. In 2014, Time Warner had an operating income (revenues minus expenses) of $2.9 billion.

Yet, despite nearly $3 billion in profits, Michigan taxpayers still had to pay Warner Bros. $35 million in cash subsidies for filming the movie “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” in Michigan.

Soaking taxpayers for $35 million when your company’s profits are nearly $3 billion isn’t the fault of Lord Business. The villain here is the state Legislature that approved the corporate welfare plot.