Free Press Columnist Disses 'Michissippians' Like It's 2009; Michigan Outperforms States He Elevates

Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson stated in a column that improving Michigan roads was key to improving the state’s economic future and that’s why it was so important to pass Proposal 1. But he lamented what he saw as the attitudes of voters toward the proposal: “It's the collective shrug of Michissippians who've begun to doubt their state will ever again compete with mega-states like New York and Ohio, or even up-and-comers like North Carolina and Tennessee.”

ForTheRecord says: It’s not 2009 anymore. Michigan’s job growth percentage (10.6 percent) from June 2009 to March 2015 has exceeded New York (7.8 percent), Ohio (6.7 percent), North Carolina (8.3 percent) and Tennessee (9.2 percent).