Detroit Teachers Make More Than Twice Average Household

But still less than most Michigan teachers

WXYZ-TV did a story about the salaries of the emergency manager and other top administrators for Detroit Public Schools. But rather than just report on the salaries and benefits of those individuals, the TV station also allowed Detroit teachers to comment about their pay. However, the TV station didn't report what the teachers themselves earn.

WXYZ reported, “For five years now, there's been a 10% wage cut for every employee.” Then it quoted an anonymous teacher who said, "I cry when I get my paycheck."

ForTheRecord says: The average teacher salary in Detroit Public Schools was $57,758 in 2013-14, the latest year salary data is available from the Michigan Department of Education. That is below the state average of $62,169.

The report by WXYZ could leave readers with the impression teachers have taken a much larger wage cut than just 10 percent. According to the district, there was a one-time 10 percent wage cut in 2010-11 and no futher cuts. In 2012, DPS teachers received a legal ruling that allowed them to move up one salary “step” in their contracts. Salaries have been frozen since then.

The median household income for the city of Detroit was $26,325 from 2009-2013.

Editor's note: This article had a typo and referred twice to WXYZ as WXYX. This was corrected.