Liberal Math: Millions More Equals a 'Billion Dollar Cut'

Partisan 'big lie' campaign still going

The far left nonprofit Progress Michigan is on the road with a “MI Big Rig Tour” of seven Michigan cities. Progress Michigan states, “The tour is an effort to educate voters about how Michigan Republicans have rigged the economy in favor of their corporate donors and against working families, seniors and students.”

During its Grand Rapids stop, the group posted this on Twitter: “GOP cut higher ed by $1B to cut taxes on corporations. Funding has never been fully restored.”

ForTheRecord says: Progress Michigan’s claim to “educate voters” on education funding gets an "F."

According to the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency, higher education received $1.578 billion in state funding in the 2010-11 fiscal year. That was the last budget passed before the GOP took majority control of the Legislature, which it has held since. In the 2016-17 fiscal year, Republican Legislature appropriated $1.583 billion for higher education. Obviously, that’s not a $1 billion cut.