If you seek a pleasant peninsula, U-Haul will take you to Florida

Growing Michigan Together Council did not seek ideas for growing Michigan Read more

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Michigan LGBTQ+ commission’s first act is to condemn congressman

The group, meant to develop policies for state government, takes on federal official for months-old remarks Read more


In Detroit schools, nothing succeeds like failure

Conventional schools get more money to do worse, while charter schools do better with less Read more

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Right-to-work no longer rules in private sector

Agency fees still apply; public sector workers still have right-to-work Read more

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UAW to invest $40M to expand footprint to South

Autoworkers union looks beyond Big Three for growth Read more

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Michigan Senators: Factor $700M tax cut into 2025 budget

Mackinac Center lawsuit will soon have its day in appeals court Read more


What Michigan could lose with National Popular Vote

Beware efforts to turn features of our constitutional system into bugs Read more

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Slippery slope: State board members warn against homeschool registry

Two members offer pushback at plan, warn of unstated dangers Read more

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Michigan’s new growth plan: Open homes to refugees

Sponsors are expected to help refugees find housing, jobs and schooling Read more

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After UAW strike, Ford promises equal and opposite reaction

2023 strike was a watershed moment, automaker says Read more


Michigan taxpayers funded artistic and financial flops in last film-subsidy effort

In movies and subsidy programs, the sequel is rarely better Read more


Don’t redirect pension funds

Lawmakers should be wary about lowering pension debt payments Read more

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Michigan job, population numbers fall behind national trends

Recovery from pandemic has also lagged the national average Read more

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Growth officer: Michigan a ‘leaky bucket’ for young people

Southeast Michigan would be shrinking if not for immigration Read more


EVs force technology on drivers

Mass adoption of the EV will create a world more hostile to cash Read more

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Fast EV adoption will shrink Michigan’s population

The quicker the transition, the deeper the job and population loss will be, says U-M forecast Read more

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COVID cash grew government in Michigan

Government jobs accounted for 32% of job growth in 2023 Read more


Michigan’s school funding amendment is a harmful relic

Anti-Catholic 1970 law holds students back while other states get ahead Read more

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Flint schools get $156M in COVID funds, ask for debt relief

District seeks $56M bailout from Michigan Legislature Read more

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Wayne State the only college in Michigan to still require COVID vaccine

WSU is one of only 68 in the nation Read more

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Michigan vehicle owners would have to opt out of park passes under House bill

People could only opt out of the $10 park pass within a 30-day window Read more

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Electric school buses lose one-third of range in cold weather

Range capacity drops when temps fall to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, per U.S. Department of Energy Read more


Dickson: Why are we building electrified roads?

The real endgame is not roads that charge cars. Those are meant to draw car-buyers in Read more

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When Michigan has 2 million EVs, how many chargers will we need?

95% of chargers would be privately owned, per U.S. Department of Energy Read more

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Michigan film credits could cost state $2B over a decade

Extra credits given to women and minority-owned businesses Read more

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