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Coal plants were 4 of Michigan’s 10 top energy producers in 2021

45% of DTE’s energy comes from coal now, but it will be zeroed out by 2036, according to utility’s plan

Of Michigan’s 10 largest energy generating plants, by capacity, four are coal plants, according to 2021 data.

By decade’s end, only one of the four will be operating: DTE Energy’s Monroe facility. Its phased retirement will begin in 2028, which is 12 years ahead of schedule. DTE says it envisions a “full exit” from coal in 2035.

The data, which from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, has has the most recent numbers available. The No. 1, No. 6, No. 7 and No. 9 generators of electricity in Michigan that year were coal-fired plants. Three others use natural gas, two others were nuclear, and one, Ludington, is a pumped storage facility.

DTE Energy, in its clean vision plan, shows how its energy mix will change between 2005 and 2042. DTE supplies electricity to about 40% of Michigan homes and businesses.

The difference between 2023 and 2036 shows how quickly DTE will move away from coal. In 2023, coal provides 45% of DTE’s energy mix, and renewable sources provide 14%.

In 2036, coal will be down to 0%, and renewables will account for 51%.

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