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In the Michigan House, COVID-19 policy is for staff, not members

Members are encouraged to follow the guidelines, but twice this year, representatives have shown up to cast votes after testing positive

All are equal in the Michigan Legislature. But when it comes to COVID-19 policy, some are more equal than others.

According to rules for the Michigan House, legislative staffers are required to comply with CDC guidelines, including a 5-day quarantine if they test positive.

Members, meanwhile, are only “encouraged” to follow CDC guidelines.

Twice this year, Michigan lawmakers have appeared at the Capitol to cast votes after testing positive for COVID-19. In January, Rep. Natalie Price, D-Berkley, showed up to vote on Senate Bill 7, a $946 million spending package.

This month Rep. Veronica Paiz, D-Harper Woods, showed up to vote for House Bill 4001, which would replace an automatic tax cut with corporate welfare and one-time checks for $180.

In 2020, almost one-third of Michigan businesses reported facing a government-mandated shutdown due to COVID-19. Three years later, at the Michigan Capitol itself, COVID policy is optional if you are a member of the House.

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