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Emmet County Commissioners are spending millions of dollars on lavish ambulance stations and an observatory to gaze at stars. The projects are being funded by a bond issue that bypassed voters.

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AG: Students Don't Have to Wait Until 2019 for Failing Detroit Schools To Close

Attorney General Bill Schuette released an official legal opinion that schools operated by the Detroit Public School Community District are subject to closure before the end of the current school year. … more

Michigan's Pension Crisis Means Tax Hikes and Cutting Cops

A pension panelist said public sector officials are promising "the sun, moon and stars" on retirement benefits but not paying for them and now have a "ticking time bomb.” … more

An Opening for Michigan Licensing Reform

In Michigan, some occupations pay far more in licensing fees to the state than it costs to regulate them. … more

U of M Brings Personal Pronoun Wars To Michigan

A new initiative by the University of Michigan allows students to report their preferred gender pronouns to the university so faculty and staff can use these when addressing the student. … more

Feds Claim Power Over Every Mud Puddle Under 'Migratory Molecule' Theory

A new report released by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works says that the EPA and the Army Corps continue to assert broad jurisdiction despite two federal courts determining that doing so exceeds their authority. … more

Markets, Not Politicians, Slow State Oil and Gas Production

When oil companies are making “obscene profits,” elected officials on both sides of the aisle trip over themselves to impose a “windfall profits” tax.  … more

Sierra Club: No Gas, No Coal, No Nukes; Lansing Utility: No Lights, Then

The Sierra Club has adopted a position that would effectively require all electricity in Michigan to come from renewable sources such as wind and solar.  … more

Michigan’s Quiet Success in Containing Retiree Health Care Costs

Michigan may be showing governments across the country the way to resolve the fiscal challenge. … more

Detroit Metro’s Economy No. 14 In U.S., Bigger Than Nation Of Chile

The Detroit metro area has an economy that is roughly the same size as the nation of Chile. … more

Michigan House Passes Bills Rolling Back Arbitrary ‘Handyman’ Licensing

If you want to earn some cash in Michigan painting a barn, be prepared to take 60 hours of educational courses and pass a state-mandated test. … more

For the Record

The left-progressive Progress Michigan launched a campaign that claims public schools are getting fewer state dollars. That's not true. … more
Hillary Clinton wondered why she's not leading more in the polls. Attacking a popular law won't get her there. … more
Union officials just can't see to be accurate when discussing teacher compensation. … more
The Michigan Education Association has a history of misstating facts. It did it again involving Benton Harbor teachers and their salaries. … more
“What is the average class size in Michigan's schools?” Get the data, not opinions. … more
“The Wild West” has become the unsubstantiated, clichéd battle cry of anti-charter school interests in Michigan since the state repealed an artificial cap on their number in 2011. … more
The most recent test results of the statewide assessments for Michigan public school students is cause for concern, not celebration. … more
The state superintendent of public schools said putting two public schools near each other and asking them to compete is a waste of taxpayer dollars. But what if one is failing and the other excels? … more
This year will mark the first time since charter schools opened here in 1993-94 that the number of Michigan charters goes down. … more
Union president says a teacher who made $51,000 plus in 2014-15 needs subsidized housing. … more