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Michigan bill demands 750 training hours for estheticians

Bill raises barrier to entry in three career fields

The Senate Regulatory Affairs Committee on Thursday will consider Senate Bill 702, which would require 600 training hours for cosmetology teachers and manicurists whose training begins after July 1. Estheticians would have it even worse.

Right now, cosmetology teachers are required to take 500 hours of instructor training. Their burden would increase by 100 hours under the bill. Manicurists are currently required to do 400 hours of training. Their burden would increase by 200 hours, making their training program 50% longer.

Estheticians are now required to take 400 hours of training. That commitment would nearly double, up to 750 hours. These hourly requirements are in addition to requirements of “good moral character,” and passage of board examinations.

The occupational licensing bill is sponsored by Sen. Sam Singh, D-East Lansing.

The Senate Fiscal Agency says the bill “would have no fiscal impact on state or local government.”

Occupational licensing is a barrier to entry to career fields. Senate Bill 702 erects the barrier higher in three fields.

Mackinac Center research has found that more than 1 million Michiganders, or more than 10% of the state population, are subject to occupational licensing.

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