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Senate disapproves Biden student loan pause despite veto threat

Even if the president vetoes the bill, the debt ceiling deal contains the same provision

The U.S. Senate Thursday joined the House to pass a bill to terminate President Joe Biden’s student loan pause.

While Biden has vowed to veto the bill when it reaches his desk, the issue of the student loan pause won’t end there. Congress could still have its say.

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Tucked inside the deal to raise America’s debt ceiling and avoid a credit default is a provision to end the student loan pause in late August. The House-passed version of the debt ceiling bill included that provision. For the debt ceiling bill to become law, the House and Senate would need to pass it in identical forms, and the president would need to sign it.

House Joint Resolution 45, the bill ending the student loan pause, is headed for Biden’s desk.

House Resolution 3746, the debt ceiling bill, is headed to the Senate after passing 314-117-4 in the House.

The Mackinac Center has sued the Biden Department of Education over the pause.

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