Your Dues; His 44 Percent Raise

Earlier this year, Michigan Education Association Secretary-Treasurer Rick Trainor did a video criticizing the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. While trying to explain how MEA dues are used, Trainor said about the Mackinac Center, “They do not care about our paychecks. They don’t. No matter what they say.”

ForTheRecord says: At a time when some of the union members targeted by the video were taking pay freezes or getting a smaller raise than anticipated, Trainor took a 44 percent pay increase in 2014. His salary went from $109,911 in 2013 to $158,296 in 2014. Trainor got the nearly $50,000 raise even though the MEA’s net worth went into the red by another $20 million plus in 2014 and is negative $134.8 million according to the MEA's LM-2 report.