'Level' Playing Field for Detroit Charter Schools?

'You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means'

Detroit Mayor Michael Duggan has lobbied to be the person who appoints members to a controversial entity called the Detroit Education Commission. In slightly different forms this entity has appeared in a number of proposals to prop up the status quo Detroit school district. In a Detroit Public Schools bailout bill passed by the Michigan Senate last month, the commission would be able to ration charter schools in a manner that protects DPS schools from competition.

Duggan released a statement saying he wants to create a “level playing field” between charters and public schools.

ForTheRecord says: In 2014, a resolution passed by the City Council and approved by Mayor Duggan imposed a five-year ban on the city selling any closed DPS school to a charter school located within a mile of an open district school. If that’s how the city defines “level playing field,” then supporters of school choice for Detroit children (including Detroit parents) should be concerned.