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After Four Days, Whitmer Rescinds Her Face Mask Order And Replaces It With A Stronger One

Now, businesses can't assume customers have a medical exemption to wearing a mask

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has rescinded her executive order on mandating face masks July 17 after it had been in effect for just four days.

A new order is her 157th of the year and mandates that businesses can't just assume that an unmasked customer has an medical exemption. The executive order takes effect immediately and still requires all the face mask requirements of the previous executive order.

"This new order clarifies that businesses may not assume that an unmasked customer cannot medically tolerate a face covering, though they can accept a customer’s verbal representation to that effect," the governor's press release stated.

State Sen. Peter Lucido said he will introduce legislation that would clarify what exempts someone from the governor’s order that people wear a face mask while out in public.

Lucido’s office said he intends to introduce the bill as early as July 22.

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