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Civil Rights Commission Speaks Erroneously About Charter Schools

Yes, they must follow state and federal laws

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission recently released a report on inequities in K-12 education, in which it made inaccurate claims about public charter schools.

The commission followed the talking points of teachers unions when it erroneously claimed that charter schools do not have to follow some laws that traditional public schools are bound by.

In its recent report, the commission wrote: “However, different rules exist for different educational institutions, including one set for Public School Academies (PSAs) or charter schools and another for public schools. ... It is a system that provides taxpayer money to charter schools without requiring them to follow state laws regarding special education, testing and licensing.”

The Michigan Department of Education has refuted the claim.

“Public School Academies must follow those state and federal laws,” said Martin Ackley, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Education, in an email.

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