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State Invites Snitches To Play Face Mask Informer on Business, Restaurants

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or MIOSHA, will inspect retail stores, grocery stores, and bars and restaurants in the state to make sure they comply with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders.

A state press release says the action is aimed at education, yet MIOSHA agents can write tickets for as much as $7,000 if they detect violations.

The inspections will be both random and by referral, according to the state.

“MIOSHA will conduct inspections by referral or randomly at bars and restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores, grocery stores and other retail establishments to review how rules are being followed, educate and enhance compliance,” the press release stated. “While inspections will seek to help employers comply with safety standards, if the inspections determine major deficiencies in the employer’s COVID-19 preparedness and response plans, citations and penalties up to $7,000 may be issued.”

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