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Undercover State COVID Investigators Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer

State investigators persisted in trying to enter after informed restaurant only open for takeout

The state of Michigan has suspended the liquor license of a restaurant after the establishment initially told undercover state investigators it was open only for takeout service.

But the state investigators, who portrayed themselves as legitimate customers, persisted and got in and then filed reports that the restaurant was violating the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the state documents, two investigators from the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs agency received a complaint about Polsky’s Pub & Grub, in Clinton Township. The complaint: The business was violating a state executive order by serving customers inside the building.

On Dec. 4, the state investigators noted there were 10 cars in the parking lot of the restaurant, and they entered.

A server at the door asked the investigators if they had a carryout order. The investigators said they wanted to have a beer at the bar. The server told the investigators that it was only opened for carryout service.

The state report says, “Ultimately, the server allowed the investigators to enter the establishment.”

Once inside, the investigators saw 15 patrons seated at the bar drinking and four people seated at a table. The patrons and staff were not wearing face masks.

The owner of the restaurant approached the investigators and asked if they were waiting for a carryout order.

The investigators said they wanted to have a beer at the bar.

The owner then said, “We really aren’t supposed to be open, but I have a family to feed.”

The two state investigators left and then called the restaurant. The employee told the investigators that the establishment was only open to employees and food-delivery contractors.

The regulators told the employee that they were just inside and had a beer and would be submitting a report about the violation to the state.

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