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While Searching For Your Old Girlfriend, You Can Find ‘Analysis’ Of Whitmer’s Epidemic Response

She gets an ‘A’ from unidentified author

The news site MLive reported that according to one assessment, Michigan is the only state to get an “A” grade on its COVID-19 pandemic response.

But it wasn’t a public policy think tank or government health agency that bestowed the grade. It was instead a search engine that says its mission is “to make finding lost friends & family as easy as possible.”

TruePeopleSearch posted its assessment on June 25. It said Michigan's coronavirus outbreak was the best of any state, based on seven criteria.

The only other material the company has published was in July, and it showed what information giant tech companies are collecting on individuals.

No author was named for the post on COVID-19, which included a map of the United States. The founders and operators of the site are also anonymous. Its “About” page reveals only that the site was started in 2017 by tech industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience in the search engine business.

TruePeopleSearch was in the news a few years back for divulging personal information on the internet.

In 2017, several news sites, including, reported on TruePeopleSearch’s record on protecting personal information and related internet privacy concerns.

A 2017 Miami Herald report on TruePeopleSearch carried this headline: “Another website is broadcasting your personal info to anyone who searches your name.”

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