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Whitmer Said ‘Widely Available’ Vaccine One Condition For Return To Normalcy

Around 4 million Michiganders may now have immunity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made numerous comments during the summer and early fall, anticipating the impact an effective COVID-19 vaccine would have on her lockdown orders.

Here are several examples from the governor’s press conferences:

July 9: “What we’re trying to do is get people to do the right thing for the right reasons. And the right reasons are a mask is, without a vaccine, without a cure, a mask is the safest way to protect yourself from the spread of COVID-19, to protect your family from the spread of 19, to protect your neighbors and coworkers, and to protect our economy from another potential step backwards.”

Aug 19: “We are all hoping for a safe and effective vaccine that will protect us from COVID-19 and allow our communities to get back to some sense of normalcy.”

Aug. 25: “Until there is a coronavirus vaccine, we must do everything we can in our power to protect one another. Nobody is immune to this virus.”

Oct. 6: “Until there is a vaccine that is widely available and has efficacy and is safe, or until we have better therapeutics, we are going to have to continue to mask up.”

However, on Feb. 12 the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced it was spending $1 million on a campaign to promote "the need for mask-wearing even after receiving safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine."

According to a state press release, "The $1 million mask campaign runs through April and includes television, connected TV, radio, audio streaming, digital media, search, print in minority publications and social media."

As of Feb. 11, there have been 1,517,959 COVID vaccinations administered in Michigan, with 1,058,469 people receiving at least one dose.

There have also been 628,956 confirmed coronavirus cases in Michigan. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that for each person who gets a positive COVID test, there are another 4.6 individuals who contracted the virus but had few or no symptoms and were not tested. Research indicates this brings immunity that lasts at least six to nine months.

On Feb. 10 the state of Michigan reported the lowest new daily cases since Sept. 19, with a seven-day average rate of 89 cases per million.

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