Michigan: If you were essential in 2020, you might be in ‘the useless class’ in 2023

Michigan’s partnership with the World Economic Forum will accelerate Detroit’s decline, using taxpayer money Read more


School officials are to blame for parent uprising

Families raise children, not teachers or bureaucrats Read more

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Michigan lags other states in regaining jobs lost due to pandemic-era lockdown

Numbers from Bureau of Labor Statistics show slower recovery in states that had the strictest pandemic lockdowns Read more

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In $1B spending spree, Michigan lawmakers gave $13M to two unions

Legislative grants allow lawmakers to direct public money to specific projects in a secretive fashion Read more

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Michigan Rep. Lawrence leads Congress in proxy votes

Lawrence has nearly 3X the proxy votes of any other Michigan representative in Congress Read more


Canada, at last, ends vaccine mandate for American travelers

Vaccine status should not affect the movement of people and goods between Michigan and a major trading partner Read more

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Government has not ended poverty, but task force wants to try harder

Despite recommendations of poverty task force, growing the state government can’t promise better outcomes Read more

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Ottawa County Township moves toward restricting short-term rentals

Park Township discusses banning unlicensed short-term rentals of homes, limiting number of rentals Read more

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Despite Biden’s upbeat talk, manufacturing jobs are in a decline

Electric vehicles are not bringing jobs to Michigan Read more

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Rail proponents use shaky data to secure millions in funding

Proposed Railway Project Study Uses Questionable Data To Secure Millions in Funding Read more


Rashida Tlaib’s ‘net-zero’ energy fantasy is dangerous

Winter is coming; will your energy sources be reliable and ready? Read more


Things to consider before you dismiss DEI

A look at common hot takes on a hot issue Read more


Diversity, equity and inclusion: A newly popular way to make a good living

Are DEI programs useful, or are they filled with grifters? Read more

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Michigan Department of Education tells teachers it’s OK to hide pronouns from parents

A teacher at Traverse City Public Schools uses gender preference forms as an icebreaker. Why? Read more

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Extreme weather patterns are not new

Michigan’s health department appears to ignore historical data Read more


Can an Oakland County panel solve gun violence in America?

Will prosecutor Karen McDonald’s commission study gun violence, or gun control? Read more

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State reporting on COVID-19 no longer includes information on vaccination status

Questions arise over accuracy of state data Read more


Fix the broken K-12 education system through DIY projects

The VELA Education Fund helps parents and entrepreneurs find new ways Read more

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Michigan utilities say their customers will control their own thermostats

Recent event in Colorado brings to mind a hot Michigan day in May Read more

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Kalamazoo may need No. 2 plan as state moves to override city’s repeal of decency law

Council member blames public defecation on systemic inequities Read more


Defining diversity down: GLWA’s effort to promote inclusion relies on expansive definitions

Detroit-based water provider says it awarded 65% of its big contracts, last cycle, to small or minority businesses — but check the fine print Read more


Letter: Gov. Whitmer followed the political science on COVID-19

Since June 2021, Whitmer has embraced a limited-government approach to COVID Read more


No, putting power lines underground is not the answer in Michigan

One trade group found that undergrounding is too costly in hurricane zones, let alone Michigan Read more


Dearborn schools show how to handle a library controversy

The school board listened to the public and removed seven books, as their fate is reviewed Read more

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Bill would restrict property owners from using their own water

Ann Arbor Democrats aim to replace current law with a doctrine used in states with a history of water shortages Read more

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