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Below are stories we have done covering local government issues.



Tecumseh Official Confirms That MEA Salary Claims Not Supported

Allen Park Turns to Residents For Bad Investment Bailout

Oak Park Claims Significant Workforce Cut; Budget Says Otherwise


The Business Lesson of Pfizer and Ann Arbor

The Problem With Allen Park

A Tale of Two Districts: Responding To Severe Fiscal Problems


Highland Park Schools Get State Bailout — Already Receive $14,000 Per Student

Overhaul Of Highland Park School District On The Horizon

Bloated Teacher Contracts Much To Blame For Issues In Highland Park, Muskegon


Portage Schools Turns Down $270K Savings

Detroit Could Sell Off Assets to Avoid Insolvency

Despite Deficit, Some Dearborn Top Officials Got Boosts in Pay

Earning More Than Your Boss: Dearborn Lieutenant Makes More Than Chief of Police, Mayor


Bay City Amends Prevailing Wage Ordinance

District Refuses to Sell Unused Building to Public Charter School — Despite Receiving $250K Asking Price

Muskegon Health Care Workers Get Out of SEIU

Township Board Votes Unanimously to Exempt Employees From State Law, Continue Paying Nothing For Health Insurance

Highland Park School District: Spending Up, Revenue Up, Red Ink Up — Wants More Money



Township Board Creates New Tax Rather Than Trim 'Ridiculously Generous' Benefits

Superintendent Uses School Email List For Politics


Teachers Choose Union Health Plan, Now Pay Up To 37.5 Percent of the Premium

Moore Wants More: Filmmaker Wants Increased Funds For Flint Schools But District Spends 'More Money Than Ever'

Detroit Exhausts Its Options

31 Gym Teachers Earn More Than Town Police Chief

Public School District 'Strikes Out' on Criticism of Charter Public Schools

'Crying Wolf' on Teacher Layoffs


Physics vs. Phys Ed: Regardless of Need, Schools Pay the Same

Mythbusted: Overcrowding in Detroit Classrooms

Royal Oak Schools: Buses or Cadillac Health Care

Prediction of 'Unprecedented' School Cuts Results in Fewer Than 5 Teacher Layoffs

School District Seeking Tax Hike Challenged on Dollar Figures

ISD Denies Special Ed Services to Northern Michigan School District

Walled Lake District Tells Parents That Parental Choice Proposal Threatens Funding

A2 Schools' Union Prez and Board Member Add Up Wrong Costs For Teachers

No More 'Factory Worker' Model For Teacher Pay in Suttons Bay


Headlines Screamed Mass School Layoffs, Reality Tells a Different Story

School Adding Teachers on Home Turf of Lawmaker Facing Recall

Sky Not Falling on Saginaw Schools: Few Kids, More Teachers After Snyder's First Budget

Beat the Clock: Government Union ‘Cadillac’ Health Plans Preserved Before Tighter Controls Take Effect

Bloomfield Township Kicks the Public Pension Spending Habit

Command Cops in Sterling Heights: $119k Average Pay — Demand Labor Arbitration in Dispute with City


Ann Arbor Cuts Cops With $1.5 Million Surplus Sitting in Arts Budget

Oakland Officials Squabble Over Credit for County's Credit Rating


Ann Arbor Schools Find and Oust 200 Ineligible Dependents from District Health Plan

District Considering Year-Round Schooling

Howell School Board Bucks MEA Advice: Saves $2.9 Million and Avoids Program Cuts

Anatomy of How to Kill a Tax Hike

Clarkston Average Teacher Salary Beats Inflation by $10K Over Last Decade

L’Anse Creuse: Cuts Claimed While Spending Is Up; Teachers Pay Zero for Health Benefits

Coleman Schools: 23 Percent Fewer Kids, 23 Percent More Spending Per Kid and One-Ninth the Average Health Co-Pay

Ten Total Fires and $30K in Average Overtime

Pittsfield Township to Vote on Millage for Core Services


Hartland Teachers to Share in Belt-Tightening

Town Rescinds 'Unconstitutional' Tea Party Sign Ban

School District Saves $60K by Being More Transparent

Rochester Schools Reduce 6.5 to 7.5 Percent Raises by Half-Point - Declares Budget Cut

What Does the Average Teacher in Ann Arbor Really Make?

Coldwater Bans Tea Party Signs in Public Park

Bay City Public Schools Claims $24 Million Cut, Budget Continues to Grow

Unusual: For 30 Years Teachers Share Almost Half of Health Care Cost in Grand Ledge

Will the Snyder K-12 Plan Really Cause 40-Student Classrooms in Novi?

Spending Mysteries at Utica Schools


Rochester Schools Raise Pay, Report Cuts, and Blame Governor

Does the Lansing School District Reall Pay 'Below the Poverty Line' for Teachers?

Transparency Not Rapid  For Kent Co. Transit Agency

West Michigan School Super Claims Budget Cuts - But Do the Numbers Add Up?

Decade of Cuts Is Claimed by School District Giving 14 Percent Raises Over 24 Months

Who Are the $100K-Plus Employees at the Detroit Public Schools?

Detroit Public Schools: Doubles the Number of $100K-Plus Employees From 2009 to 2010

Merit Pay Miracles at Oscoda Area Schools


The People Mover's Pricey Pensions

Annual Cost of Teacher Overstaffing in Detroit Could Reach $100 Million

The Media Myth of the 60-Student Detroit Classroom

Shrinking Detroit Schools

The West Bloomfield Teacher 'Sick Out'

Average Eaton Rapids Teacher’s Salary $55,826 ; Contributes Just 2 Percent for Health Plan

Average Comstock Teacher Receives $53,756 in Salary, Contributes Just 5 Percent for Health Plan

Union Bosses Outsource Hostility, Hiring Beneficiaries of Entrepreneur’s Charity to Protest Him

Legal Experts Say Saline Schools Broke Campaign Finance Law

Lake Orion Teachers Health Benefits 52 Percent Above Private-Sector Average

West Bloomfield Tackles Costs With Aggressive Privatization Strategy

Teacher Pay Hikes Happen Despite Expired Union Contract

Hamtramck: Giving Raises and Going Bankrupt

"Similar 'Fiscal Malpractice' Ballot Language Used By Schools Seeking Borrowed Dollars"


"How Bad is Detroit's Detroitification?"

"Scheduled Saginaw Prevailing Wage Repeal Vote Quietly Killed"

"Motor City Finance: Then and Now"




"Paid to Leave: Generous Teacher Buyouts at East Lansing Public Schools" 

"The Salary History of a West Bloomfield Public School Teacher" 

"Saugatuck Township Uses Zoning Laws to Thwart Private Property Rights"


"Lansing's $140,000 Bus Driver"

"Troy Puts Off 'Distracted Driver' Penalties"

"Jackson Considers Cutting Cops While City-Owned Pools Swim in Red Ink"

"Government Putt Putt Golf in Jackson"


"Sports Spending at Bloomfield Hills Schools is $285 Per Pupil"


"Thirty Percent of Shelby Twp. Police Salaries Exceed $90k" 

"Will Troy's 'Distracted Driving' Crackdown Lead to 'Distracted Policing'?"


"The Six-Figure Cops of Sterling Heights"


"Troy Takes Texting and Driving Ban to Another Level"

"The Art of the Ann Arbor City Budget"


"Troy City Service Privatization Plan Rolls Forward"


"Google Jobs Lacking, Yet Some Locals Still Consider It a 'Badge of Honor' for Ann Arbor"


"Death for Ann Arbor's 'Living Wage'?"


"Cost-Cutting Options Written Out of Kent ISD Contract"


"Howell E-mail Case Raises Other Questions"

"Troy to Explore Extensive Privatization"

"Troy Voters to Decide $196-Per-Home Tax Question"

"Troy Trounces Tax Hike"

"Northville School District Resources Used for Candidate Campaign Announcement"

"Troy Rally to 'Win Back Our Government'"